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    Recently, the master Zhang to matrix consulting seedling: don't know what the reason is, the recent greenhouse tomatoes is always rolled leaf situation. Reporters came to the studio, see the tomatoes middle leaves rolled up, and spread upward, rolled into a tube shaped leaves serious. Tomato leaf curl is because of insufficient water supply shortage caused the blade root, then, and what are the causes of root water shortage? Seedling matrix analysis are mainly in the following points.
    One is the discomfort caused by root fertilizer. The current spring tomato is the results of peak, in order to ensure the fruit growth, many farmers to increase the watering and fertilizing amount. If the one-time watering and fertilizing amount is too large, it is easy to cause root damage, resulting in Mao Xigen slow growth, root injury, the ability of water absorption decreases, water uptake by roots is small, can not meet the transpiration demand, resulting in tomato leaf curl.
  二是土壤缺水干旱所致。在采訪中育苗基質http://www.1096095.com/ 了解到,很多菜農存在相隔固定天數澆水的做法,但是,當前溫度逐漸升高,西紅柿葉片的蒸騰作用加強,若不及時進行澆水,高溫干旱的條件下,番茄葉片的氣孔就會關閉,也就出現了葉片從下部葉片開始向上翻卷的現象。
    The two is caused by soil drought. In an interview with the substrate to know, many farmers are separated by a fixed day watering practices, however, the temperature increases gradually, strengthen the transpiration of tomato leaf, if not timely watering, high temperature and drought conditions, stomatal will tomato leaves off, also appeared in the leaves from the beginning of the lower leaves rolled up the phenomenon of.
    Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of the tomato leaf curl, attention must be paid to the management of water and reasonable, maintain see see wet soil conditions. In addition, the tomato has rolled leaf, in order to promote the recovery of the leaves, delay the aging, can be sprayed 400 times mixed with cytokinin nucleotides leaf fertilizer 500 times, good results.
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